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What Our Students Say

Just before starting my experience with online learning, I honestly didn’t believe in its effectiveness, probably because I was used to a traditional way of learning English (at school, devoting hours to repeating and memorizing new words;-)) Then, when I decided to give it a try, I soon realized that it is the best and at the same time, effortless way to improve my English. What I love about Step-up English is its flexibility, effectiveness and above all, motivated teaching staff who is perfectly prepared for every challenge to be overcome in their daily work. Because nothing is impossible, especially for teachers at Step-up English!

Gosia from Poland

I contacted Step-up English because I needed to translate some resumés and motivation letters. They were always efficient and open to adapt to my needs. I won’t hesitate to pass their contact along to my friends and colleagues.

Karine from Canada

One year ago I started my online classes with Step-up English and I must say it was an extremely enriching experience in every way. It was the first time I had online classes and, contrarily to what I thought, it was all very easy and natural. As a Law student, the teacher always chose up-to-date topics that were somewhat related to this area of studies , thus making our lessons much more interesting. In my opinion, what stands out in these classes, besides the teacher’s friendliness and professionalism, is the constant sharing of information between the teacher and student! For all this, I truly recommend Step-up English and the new online course being created to those who want to improve their level of English! I have no doubt that it will be worth it and an opportunity not to be missed!

Marta from Portugal

All my life I’ve taken different English courses. It was hard to have good attendance with my busy lifestyle and to stay motivated during the classes in a conventional classroom.
I had to drop out two of the courses, but I lacked fluency, vocabulary and the necessary security to grow professionally.
Step-up English has simplified the learning of English with its dynamic, effective and comfortable aooroach, as I can have classes wherever I like.Good value for money. I strongly recommend.

Monica from Brazil

Brown (2000:14) states that “There are no instant recipes. No quick and easy method is guaranteed to provide success. Every learner is unique. Every teacher is unique. Every learner-teacher relationship is unique, and every context is unique”.
That’s exactly how I would describe Step-up English!
Step-up English helped me to prepare for my CPE exam last year. Their support, help, motivation and teacher´s beaming smile every time we had class throughout those two months were always gratifying. I’d strongly recommend them and never hesitate to have class with them. Big THANK YOU!

Weronica from Spain