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According to a recently published EU Gender Statistics report, the gender gap between the employment rates of men and women of working age (20-64) across Europe is 11.6 % . In addition, women´s gross hourly earnings are 16.6 % below those of men.

At Step-up English, we believe that learning the English language can serve as a means of empowerment for women and also bridge this gap. Fluent English skills can give women a competitive advantage in the global workplace: lead to faster career advancement, contribute to their independence and allow them to qualify for better job opportunities.

However, the financial investment involved in learning English is still a privilege for many. The aim of Empowering Women in Business is to equip aspiring women leaders with the essential linguistic tools to help them take the next step in their careers.

How to apply?

If you think English is the key to advancing your career but you don´t have the financial means to enrol in a course, please tell us your story and fill out the form below.

Every year, we choose two aspiring women leaders and invite them to take part in our tailor made online English coaching programme – preparing for a job interview, writing an application letter, designing a C.V., giving a presentation, e-mail, telephone, meetings and networking English.

Step up the career ladder with us!

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